Activities in Scotland: Via Ferratas, Gorge Walking & Coasteering

via ferrata scotland

Scotland has some of the best spots in the UK for outdoor activities. From Via Ferratas to Gorge Walking, there are now more activities in Scotland than ever before. Whether you are planning on go offshore or staying on land, Scotland has something for everyone – at every level of fitness.

Why not mix up your exercise routine by exploring some of Scotland’s best outdoor activities. This article will look at some of Scotland’s most popular choices, including Via Ferrata, Gorge Walking, and Coasteering.

Family Fun: Gorge Walking

Gorge walking is suited to families with young children, who are looking for a great, adventure-filled, day out.  Before you hit the road you will be given the appropriate outdoor equipment, so you can enjoy swimming through natural pools safely.

Forget about water parks and enjoy this natural retreat as you slide down natural water in some of Scotland’s hidden gorges.

Thrill Seeking: Via Ferrata

Via Ferratas definitely falls into our thrill seeker category. If you are looking for adrenaline filled activities in Scotland, then you are on to a good start. Via Ferrata is a fairly new sport and stands for “iron path” in Italian. This outdoor fusion is a mix of alpine hiking and rock climbing.

Don’t be scared off by the iron path as this experience can be tailored to those who come from a variety of climbing backgrounds. If you are not afraid to get your hands dirty then you definitely join in on the fun that this Scottish activity has to offer.

This experience is built for those for a variety of climbers meaning even those with little experience can join in. Vertical Descents, are based in Fort William, one of Scotland’s most scenic locations and offer a “high-altitude climbing experience you and your friends/family will never ever forget”! If you are looking for a fun way to get the family fit, then Via Ferrata is just one of your many options.



Wild and Wet: Coasteering

Popular locations for coasteering include Oban and Arbroath. This adventure is not for the faint hearted and you should prepare to get wet and wild when you are partaking in this coasteering adventure.

If you have tried coasteering before then you will know how exciting it can be. This is an extreme rock-pooling activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

If you would like to see more of the Scottish coast side, then this adventure is perfect for you. From rock-hopping, shore-scrambling to cave-exploring there are endless cliff-jumping activities for you to do in Oban and Arbroath.

This adventure can be as hardcore as you want it to be as coasteering can be tailored to your individual’s needs. Not only will this exercise improve your fitness but it would be an excellent team-building opportunity for a sports team. This trip will not only test your fitness limits but it is also educational, as you will leave knowing more about Scottish sea life.