Fitness Trends in 2017

2017 Gyms

Never before in the history of our wellbeing have humans been so enamoured by the notion of keeping in shape. The world of fitness has never been as popular as it is today with everyone on every corner of the globe having an interest in working out. From first-time gym goers to seasoned veterans, almost everyone either has a gym membership or is thinking of getting one. Keeping yourself active is the real trend of 2017 but within that, there are few noticeable must do’s that are becoming more and more common. Have a look at the top 3 of this year’s trends and find out how to keep up with the fitness times.

Wearable Technology

The past few years has seen an increase in technology making its way into our gyms and 2017 looks to be no different. Fitness and technology have always paired nicely and wearable gadgets seem to be a popular trend in the health and fitness environment. From FitBits to iPod minis, gym goers have embraced technology over the past few years, a trend which will only gain more popularity as the years go on. The level of technology is practical as well as convenient as gadgets that help the quality of your workout are becoming a must have. Step counters, heart rate monitors, built-in stopwatches and a host of other functions, technology has found a home in our gyms and it doesn’t look like going away anytime soon.

Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness

The shift in the ways we exercise continues into 2017 with more and more people moving away from traditional exercises. Today’s gyms are filled with obstacle equipment aimed to enhance functionality over muscle mass. The introduction and rise in popularity of Cross Fit has seen a sizeable shift in how some of us workout and 2017 looks to continue this trend. Some gyms are solely dedicated to functionality with not a powerlifting platform in site. A change that some agree with while others are hesitant of. Nevertheless, the increase in functional fitness is one which has garnered momentum and looks to continue in its rise.


Mixing Business and Pleasure

One of the most peculiar trends which we have seen over the past year or so is the trend of bringing work life into the gym. Employers are beginning to realise that a happy employee is a more productive member of staff. The secret behind this is offering incentives that point to health and fitness. Some companies are beginning to offer programs to promote behaviours of fitness. From weight loss to quitting smoking, businesses are beginning to jump on the workout bandwagon and the results are backing up their claims. Companies can offer discounted gym memberships as incentives to workers, a creative way of benefitting both worker and business. A healthier employee means increased morale in the office which is advantageous to all. This along with technology and functional fitness round off our top 3 fitness trends of 2017. Have a look around the next time you go to the gym and see if you can spot a few more and let us know, we might even get an early start on next year’s list!

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