Health Warning Signs Women Should Never Ignore

In the present era, women face the same hectic routine as men on top of household responsibilities which can lead to an increased amount of stress. And this usually comes at a price. Unluckily, in this challenging routine and struggle, they are sacrificing their health. That is why doctors suggest a woman’s health check every six months to prevent the onset of disease. Just because many diseases do not show any signs at the beginning, a regular check-up could help diagnose and stop the spread of the disease. But there are some cases where the condition suddenly displays its signs and symptoms. The worst part is that women usually ignore those signs and symptoms, which can cause severe medical complications and can lead to death sometimes.

Symptoms of Severe Medical Complication

Don’t rush towards the doctor’s clinic every time you have a sneeze or a low-grade fever. It may be because of seasonal changes or any allergen. However, if you feel it may turn into something serious, you can contact your doctor.

Following are some signs and symptoms which you should not neglect. Call an ambulance or rush to the hospital if you notice any of them.

Chest Pain

Sometimes a minor change in the heart’s pumping activity can cause anginal pain. It is an indication of a heart stroke which can be fatal. Therefore, if you sense a shock or pain in your chest, don’t waste a single minute and seek medical assistance.

Slow Healing of Wounds

Obviously, deep cuts don’t heal without stitches, but if there are minor wounds on the skin, they should self-heal. The liver synthesizes protein for clotting, and platelets circulate in the bloodstream to heal the abrasion. 

If the wound doesn’t heal, you must visit your doctor and discuss the matter. It can be a sign of any disease, including hepatitis or diabetes.

Menstrual Pain

Menstrual days are the most painful days that a woman must face every month to complete the reproductive cycle. During these 3-7 days, she suffers from bloating, mood swings, tender breasts, and pain in the abdominal region.

The point of concern is the discharge of blood from the vagina. If the release is more than average and the pain is more than usual, dial the number of the gynaecologist straight away.

Lesions Around Genitals

Don’t make the mistake of confusing common warts or lesions around your genitals, as it might be an indication of a sexually transmitted disease. For example, ulceration on the outer region may indicate the infection of herpes simplex, whereas warts are the sign of human papillomavirus presence.

Delaying the checkup can risk your health, and the woman can transmit it to their sex partner. In addition, if she is pregnant, her baby’s health is also at stake.

Shortness of Breath

Cough and chest tightness can be a severe threat to the health status of a woman. Several diseases include influenza, covid-19 and whooping cough when a woman breathes rapidly.

Shortness of breath doesn’t only indicate infections! The woman may have asthma, emphysema, or lung cancer.

woman's health check

Last Words

A woman’s health check can reduce the chances of getting a severe disease and help start the treatment at the right time. Moreover, you shouldn’t compromise your health for a healthy life and family responsibilities. In this life, it is important to find time for everything that is important to you, including the state of your body.