How Are Clinical Trials Helping To Improve Sport?

The sporting industry is being helped in a variety of different ways by the clinical trials industry. Increasingly athletes are overcoming illness to be able to compete at International events unhindered. Organisations such as Formedix have been instrumental in helping improve the clinical trials process which in many cases has helped to accelerate research overall.

What Are Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are basically medical research trials that can be run for a variety of different organisations from pharmaceutical companies to medical companies as well as independent organisations. In order for the trials to be conducted correctly they all need to be undertaken in controlled environments which properly comply with CDISC standards.

How Have Clinical Trials Been Benefiting Sport Overall?

One of the main ways in which clinical trials has been benefiting sport has been the research that has come as a result of the trials. For example a recent clinical trial study conducted by a Scottish university found that footballers had a significantly higher risk of developing dementia after hitting the ball with their head multiple times throughout their careers.

Another significant development that has come as a result of clinical trials is drinks that can help to improve hydration as well as improve overall nutrients. A common place to see this drink being consumed is Wimbledon. Each time this tournament is held it is common for athletes to be consuming these specially formulated drinks as tennis matches can be very energy draining and tough. Hot weather can also lead to dehydration which makes these drinks all the more vital overall.

How Are Drugs Affecting Athletes In Sport?

As well as clinical trials often drug testing is undertaken for a wide variety of different sports to ensure that athletes are not using performance enhancing drugs. Unfortunately in some cases athletes have been found to be using performance enhancing drugs although it becomes a difficult issue to tackle when those same drugs may also be used by the athlete as a routine medication e.g asthma medication.

As a result of some athletes using performance enhancing drugs in order to improve their overall performance increasingly tests are being conducted under more and more strict and stringent procedures in order to ensure that athletes are not able to cheat in competitions.

What Key Innovations Have Clinical Trials Led To Within The Sporting Industry?

There have been a number of key innovations that have helped to improve and transform the sporting industry overall in key areas in order to protect sportspeople’s health overall. One of the biggest changes that has been brought about as a result of clinical trials as well as doctors advice has been the concussion treatment process in Rugby.

Rugby has always been known as a tough sport and unfortunately there have been many injuries and in some cases death as a result of concussion as well as brain injuries. Trials have since been conducted so that rugby players can be accessed for concussion quickly and effectively using a test performed by a doctor. This has been implemented into rugby matches across the UK.