Rising Damp Treatment Needed in Local Gyms

This is a special informative article designed to bring about some awareness to gym users and gym owners over the concerns of damp problems within gyms.  We have had several reports sent into us from regular gym goes that the gyms they attend are having problems with damp.  Gyms are a place where people go to get fit and healthy, so the last thing they should be worrying about is the possibilities of damp where they are working out.  A rising damp treatment might be needed at your local gym, so keep your else out and read on to find out more information.

rising damp treatment

What is Rising Damp Treatment?

Rising damp occurs due to a number of reasons, but it is primarily caused by moisture laden air condensing on surfaces.  There are a few other ways that is can take place inside both commercial and residential buildings.

  • Rainwater penetrating seals in the building – usually through windows and vents
  • Roof is compromised – letting water in through leaking roofs
  • Moisture in the inside air – not enough extraction or ventilation

This means that action must be taken in the form of a professional rising damp treatment in order to stop the spread of the problem.  The problem is, not every building owner wants to address the problem, and sometimes they just aren’t aware of the problem.

rising damp treatment

Why is Rising Damp Bad?

There are a number of reasons why rising damp posses quite a bit problem for buildings and gyms in particular.  Gyms are especially problematic, because they have a lot of hard surfaces that moisture filled air can condense on.  They also have a lot of people coming and going, and these people are all exercising hard and perspiring.  This creates a lot of moisture in the air, and this will condense on surfaces and lead to damp problems.


Old Buildings

Many modern gyms are situated in old buildings, and while this is not a problem in itself, it can be tricky if the building has problems with the foundations.  Shifting foundations can cause damage to the damp proof course in place, which can lead to rising damp. A damp proof course is designed to form a barrier between the damp ground and the building.  When this barrier becomes compromised the damp starts to spread up through the building and damage starts to occur.

rising damp treatment

What Can It Do?

Rising damp can be very problematic to both buildings and people.  For buildings they can cause all kinds of damage, like warping floorboards and furnishing damage.  On top of this, there can be even more serious problems as the damp starts to affect timber and metal work.  In some case the damp can cause serious structural damage to the building, which can cost thousands to rectify.  For people, it can also pose some health risks.  If there is a lot of moisture in the air it can lead to bad air quality, which is bad for those with asthma or respiratory issues.