The World of Sports Logos

When it comes to the king of sports logos, Nike Inc. is an established heavyweight.  From footwear for athletes clothing, Nike has mastered the art of sports branding.  to sport accessories and apparel, Nike is the leader that dictates the sports industry, and a trendsetter that the whole world follows.   The secrets behind Nike’s astounding success is undoubtedly its powerful logo. It is impossible to find a sportsperson who do not know Nike or identify its almighty logo.Sports logos are major money makers, look at Addidas, Puma and of course Nike.These brands use symbols which are

It is true that sports logos are major money makers, look at Addidas, Puma and of course Nike.These are famous across the world and sell clothes in Asia, USA, Europe and Australia. Repeat Logo knows what makes an attractive, appealing sports logo and are happy to help you plan, design and create your very own.


Sports Logos & Brand

Trainers and active wear are currently extremely trending proving that branding is worth the investment. The Guardian have said that “Fashion’s fascination with trainers has grown steadily over the last few years.” Bare in mind, you don’t need to invest too much into your logo. If you choose a logo design package then you will not need to go back and make change in a year or two. Some brands do not change their logo at all, Nike is a great example of this. Nikes logo is so simple and it features on all of their shoes and clothing. Keeping it simple is something for the best and getting a sports business logo right has a host of different necessities to make sure the final product is a successful one. Keeping the brand in mind is of great importance when either changing or designing a logo from scratch.

Keep it simple. Repeat Logo say that “The worst thing that can happen in the logo design process is that too much is crammed into too little. Simple is usually always good. Taking a minimalistic approach to things may suit your design or maybe you prefer something a little more abstract.”

 Logo Design

Logo design does not need to be expensive.The Nike “Swoosh” is perhaps one of the most well-known “cheap” logos – costing the sports brand just $35 USD when co-founder Phil Knight commissioned graphic design student Carolyn Davidson back in 1971. Choose an online logo designer and get your logo design back to you in just 3-5 days.


Sports Logos: Things To Remember

OK. If you are thinking about creating your own sports logo – don’t. Choose a professional logo designer. Once you have chosen a logo design keep the sport which you are involved with in mind. Their shoes were not designed for tennis or golf. Repeat Logo say that “it is fairly easy to identify a British football logo from an American basketball logo. Traditionally logos from the same sports are fairly similar in what they include in their design. The colours and other aspects may be different, however, the main design is usually consistent when looking from brand to brand”.