Smile the Safe Way: Teeth Whitening Glasgow

teeth whitening glasgow


Teeth whitening is more popular than ever before. Consumers are spoiled for choice and we are now left wondering, what is the best way to get the perfect Hollywood smile.

Unfortunately, there is a heap of wrong information that is floating about the internet and with more and more of us choosing DIY kits on the market, it is vital that we educate ourselves about how to lighten our teeth the safe way. Teeth Whitening Glasgow specialist, Berkeley Clinic give us an insight into the world of teeth whitening.

It’s illegal for Beauticians to Whiten Teeth

For years’ beauticians have been offering a teeth whitening service, however, this is not the safest option and it is also an illegal practice. That is why it is important to visit a trained practitioner at a Glasgow dentist.

If you really want to make a difference to the appearance of your smile, a licensed dentist can do this in just a few sessions.

If you don’t go to a profession, then you could cause serious damage to your mouth. Teeth whitening is considered to be illegal if is applied and carried out by anyone who is not a dentist – avoid!

 Teeth Whitening Glasgow

It is not just in Glasgow where this rule applies, it covers the whole of the UK. The General Dental Council (GDC) state that procedures such as tooth whitening can only be undertaken by dentists, dental hygienists, and therapists.

It’s illegal for anyone outside the dental profession to perform laser teeth whitening, including your local hair salon or beautician. If you have booked in for teeth whitening with any other type of provider, you should request a refund and book in with a dental clinic that will treat you the best care and attention.

If done the wrong way, the materials which are in teeth whitening products can affect your teeth. It is important that you visit your dentist regularly, your dentist will pick up on things that beautician wouldn’t such as gum disease, and mouth cancer symptoms. A visit to the dentist can change your life entirely.

Basic Teeth Whitening Tips

Before you start the teeth whitening process it is important that you are maintaining your dental health. Some clients find that the easiest and cheapest way to keep their teeth looking white Is by brushing their teeth twice daily, using mouth wash and floss.

By using toothpaste, it will stop colour from sticking to your teeth, this is good news for those who drink coloured drinks such as coffee and red wine.


Teeth Whitening: Dentist Glasgow

If you do decide to visit your dentist for teeth whitening treatment. Make sure that you go to aa dentist in Glasgow that offers treatment for more serious staining. You will usually be given in clinic treatment and a professional home whitening kit home with you that is fitted by your dentist. Choose professional teeth whitening Glasgow .

Avoid Online Kits

This may seem fairly obvious but you should never buy cheaper kits from online stores as they may contain illegal chemicals that will strip away your enamel forever.