Best Fitness Apps to use on Your Phone

Gym Apps

The world of fitness has catapulted over the past decade with gyms being busier than ever. Whether its beginners or seasoned veterans, almost everyone is becoming a gym-addict and is living the life of health and fitness. Technology has a lot come a long way in the last decade also and now the world lives through the apps on their smartphones. Combine both together and you get an invention that ticks both boxes. Fitness Apps. The fitness game is now online and on our mobiles. More and more of us are working out and Fitness Apps have played a crucial role in changing the way we workout. Take a look at our top 3 Fitness Apps that will get you on the right track when it comes to keeping fit.

Daily Workouts FREE

The first Fitness App on our list looks at the Daily Workout Free app that acts as your very own mobile personal trainer. The app has a variety of features that will all guarantee to get you working towards your fitness goals. The first selection of programs is categorised into 5-10 minute targeted workouts which work on a specific muscle group. This ranges from abs, arms, legs and a whole host of others. The other programs which the App provides are 10-30-minute full body workouts which will be sure to keep things interesting. The App uses over 95 different exercises to make sure you are always keeping your muscles guessing. An on-screen personal trainer is part of the App which instructs you and demonstrates how to perform the exercises properly.


7 Minute Workout

The 7 Minute App has been downloaded by over 20 million users and continues to innovate and improve in terms of fitness. The 2016 App of the year is a goal orientated experience which rewards users for consistency. The goal: 7 minutes for 7 months. Getting users to commit to a regular workout is the aim of this App and if you miss a workout your progress is harmed to make sure you keep on track. It focuses on working out without any equipment and can be done in the gym, at home or anywhere with an open space. The App challenges users to perform exercise over a high-tempo sustained period of time. 7 minutes to be exact. It uses hundreds of exercises from full body movements to cardio based drills.


Fitness Buddy: Gym and Home Workout Trainer

The Fitness Buddy is an App that in terms of exercises, has it all. It boasts an impressive over 400 exercises and over 1000 unique HD videos to guide you through your workout. It can be tailored to where ever you are able to get a workout. It includes exercises for the equipment in the gym as well as non-equipment exercises you can do at home. It allows you to track your body weight and metrics to make sure you are progressing towards your fitness goals. It also allows you to add your favourite exercises into a playlist to make the whole thing as easy as can be.


Whatever Fitness App you decide to go for, the key to any workout program is to remain consistent and always strive to better yourself. Fitness Apps are a great way of sticking to a healthy lifestyle and getting the most out of your workouts. Why not have a go on one of our suggested Apps and get your fitness goals on the right track.


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