The 7 Best Cordless Lawn Mowers Guide

Alright, listen up, lawn Rambo! Tired of wrestling with tangled cords and fumes that choke worse than a Rocky villain? Ditch the gas guzzlers and unleash the inner Rocky Balboa of your garden with our choices of the best cordless lawn mowers.

This ain’t your average gardening brochure, pal. We’re talking expert intel and in-depth reviews on the UK’s best cordless mowers—the mean, green machines that’ll transform your lawn care from chore to victory lap. Whether you’re a green-thumbed gladiator or just want to reclaim your weekends from petrol-powered drudgery, we’ve got the know-how to help you mow like a champion.

Think power, runtime, features, durability—the whole enchilada, laid out clear as day, no fancy gardening jargon. We’re talking straight-up advice from the pros, helping you find the perfect mower that fits your style and budget.

Ready to embrace the convenience and eco-friendliness of cordless mowing? Strap on your gardening gloves and join us on this mission to a greener, neater future. Explore our handpicked selections, find your perfect mower match, and transform your lawn care experience from sweatfest to satisfying victory dance. Remember, a well-mowed lawn is a happy lawn, and with A Cordless Lawn Mowers Guide, you’re just a few clicks away from making it happen. Now get out there and mow like a champion!

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Cordless Lawn Mowers in the UK

The best cordless lawn mowers feature several features to make gardening simpler, such as being self-propelled or offering adjustable handles to meet different height requirements.

Another key consideration in purchasing a mower is ease of storage. Check if its handle collapses or unscrews for flat storage purposes.

This table provides a quick comparison of various models, highlighting key features like battery life, cutting width, and additional functionalities, along with a general idea of their price range.

BrandModelBattery LifeCutting WidthFeaturesPrice Range
GreenworksG40LM3540 mins35 cmMulching and Height Adjustment££
BoschRotak 32 LI30 mins32 cmLightweight, Grass Combs£££
FlymoMighti-Mo 300Li25 mins30 cmCompact, easy storage£
EGOLM1701E45 mins42 cmAdjustable Speed, LED Headlights££££
WorxWG779E35 mins34 cmDual Battery, Intellicut Technology££
RyobiOLM1833H30 mins33 cmEasyEdge, 5 Height Positions££
StihlRMA 23540 mins33 cmEco Mode, Lightweight£££

A Guide to Cordless Lawn Mowers

Alright, let’s get down to business with a no-nonsense rundown of these cordless lawn mowers, channelling a bit of Alan Sugar’s direct and straightforward style:

  1. Greenworks G40LM35: This isn’t just any mower; it’s a Greenworks, a brand that knows its stuff. The G40LM35, with a solid 40-minute battery life and a 35-cm cutting width, is more than just numbers. It’s got mulching and height adjustment, making it a versatile beast for your garden. It’s mid-range in price, but it’s top-tier in performance.
  2. Bosch Rotak 32 LI: Bosch isn’t playing around here. The Rotak 32 LI is lightweight but packs a punch with a 30-minute battery life and a 32-cm cutting width. It’s got grass combs for those tricky edges. You’re paying a bit more, but remember, you get what you pay for—quality.
  3. Flymo Mighti-Mo 300Li: Flymo’s Mighti-Mo 300Li is the compact choice for smaller gardens. With a 25-minute battery life and a 30 cm cutting width, it’s easy to store and won’t break the bank. It’s an affordable option for those who want efficiency without the frills.
  4. EGO LM1701E: Now, here’s a mower that means business. The EGO LM1701E boasts a 45-minute battery life and a 42-cm cutting width. It’s got adjustable speed and LED headlights, for crying out loud! Yes, it’s pricier, but it’s like the Rolls-Royce of lawn mowers—worth every penny.
  5. Worx WG779E: The Worx WG779E, with its dual battery and Intellicut technology, shows it’s not just another mower in the park. A 35-minute battery life and 34-cm cutting width make it a formidable choice. Mid-range in price, it’s for those who value innovation and efficiency.
  6. Ryobi OLM1833H: Ryobi’s not messing about with the OLM1833H. A 30-minute battery life and 33-cm cutting width are just the start. It’s got EasyEdge and five height positions, making it adaptable and user-friendly. Priced in the mid-range, it’s a solid choice for practical gardeners.
  7. Stihl RMA 235: Last but not least, the Stihl RMA 235. It’s got a 40-minute battery life and a 33-cm cutting width. What sets it apart? Its eco-mode and lightweight design. You’re paying more, but Stihl’s reputation for garden tools speaks for itself. You’re investing in reliability and innovation.

Each of these mowers has its own unique strengths, tailored for different needs and budgets. Choose wisely, and your lawn will thank you.

Ease of Use

Cordless mowers powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are lightweight and easy to maneuver. Plus, their eco-friendliness means no maintenance costs or fuel usage for traditional gasoline mowers! In addition, cordless models tend to be relatively quiet compared to their petrol counterparts while being simple to store vertically, saving storage space.

Padded handles make cordless mowers comfortable to push, and they can manoeuvre around trees, beds, borders, and other obstacles with ease. Many models fold down flat for even easier storage space; most operate quietly with no direct emissions (though you should always check their specifications to be sure), with the best models featuring an automatic boost function that increases motor speed to tackle thicker or longer grass, as well as eco mode settings that inform you how much battery power remains on one charge (these features are sometimes known as eco mode settings).

Mowers should feature adjustable cutting heights that can be quickly changed with the move of a lever, as well as an easily removable grass bag to be filled or emptied when necessary, a mulching plug, or both for recycling clippings back into your garden. Some models even come equipped with battery power indicators on their bodies so you know how much juice is left!

Lithium-ion batteries come in both 18V and 40V varieties, allowing you to achieve cutting for longer with one charge; however, larger batteries tend to be heavier and harder to use than their smaller counterparts. You should also be mindful of their charging timeframe—anywhere between 45 minutes and two hours, depending on the brand.

The Makita cordless mower offers excellent value for money, featuring a durable steel deck and a four-year limited warranty. We particularly liked its seven-position height adjuster with lever controls to adjust all four wheels at once and found its motor to kick up into higher gear when we pushed through longer grass, plus it folds away for storage easily without knobs or thumb nuts to unscrew; however, its handles may require more assembly time than some models.


Selecting a mower is both an investment for your lawn and an essential safety measure. Always read and follow all operating and warning instructions found within the owner’s manual as well as on the equipment itself before operating or purchasing a mower.

Before using any power lawn mower, ensure it is clear of foreign objects that might be picked up and thrown by its rotating blade (i.e., sticks or stones), which could potentially cause serious injury if consumed or accidentally touched by the blades. Furthermore, thoroughly check your lawn before beginning mowing to identify holes, ruts, or rocks that might trip or slip an operator and bring their feet into contact with rotating blades, such as sticks.

The best cordless lawn mowers are designed with your safety in mind, offering features like operator presence control to keep the machine from starting when no one is behind it and brakes that stop the blade within three seconds if no contact with the handle exists, as well as being designed so they cannot accidentally engage themselves when disengaged from the handle.

Never remove, bypass, or modify any safety device on your mower, as doing so could lead to serious injury or damage and render the device inoperative. This includes the discharge chute, trail shield, and safety interlocks. When mowing sloped surfaces or hills, it is wise to utilise both of these features, while when mowing banks or hills, always walk.

The best cordless mowers are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, making them far quieter than their gas-powered counterparts, emitting no harmful gases and needing minimal maintenance. Easy to set up and operate, they feature multiple cutting heights for different cutting tasks and mulch or bag clippings; some models even allow for edge trimming or uneven areas of cutting to be easily corrected. Their compact yet lightweight designs make them convenient to store away in garages and sheds without taking up precious storage space with their fuel tank requirements.


Cordless models powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries have replaced gas cans as the go-to method of filling up a gasoline mower, offering greater convenience, quietness, emissions-free performance, and reduced fire hazards in sheds or garages. Plus, they’re lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, so you can complete tasks more quickly with minimal fuss!

These models typically come equipped with two battery packs to extend runtime and display their charge level on the mower itself. Charging should take approximately two hours; some brands even offer fast chargers that can return batteries to full strength in 60 minutes!

Battery-powered lawnmowers tend to feature smaller decks than their gas-powered counterparts, yet they have more powerful motors and additional features that may enhance performance and make cutting thinner grass easier—for instance, an automatic switch that ramps up motor speed when encountering tall grass while decreasing it when cutting thinner or lower grass, or manually adjustable eco- or power-saving modes that help preserve battery charge when not being used.

Some battery-powered models from STIHL, like this lime green mean machine, come assembled and ready to go straight out of the box, with little assembly necessary. Their lightweight yet compact designs enable easy manoeuvring around trees, beds, and borders, as well as vertical folding for reduced storage space in sheds or garages.

The STIHL Mower features an ergonomic swivel handle for effortless manoeuvring around obstacles and corners, with a comfortable padded grip for ease of holding on. There is also a small lever that adjusts cutting height between five settings from 1 to 4 inches; bag, side discharge, or mulching options are available depending on user preference; it comes equipped with a 30-litre fabric grass bag for collection purposes and runs off batteries compatible with other cordless garden equipment like hedge trimmers and brushcutters from STIHL.


Cordless lawn mowers boast the advantage of not emitting emissions; rather, they run on electricity from a battery to power a brushless motor and do not produce any emissions whatsoever. No gas, oil, or other petroleum-based components produce fumes that could produce hot surfaces that burn you; additionally, there’s no messy oil changes or carburetor maintenance to worry about either! Furthermore, electric mowers tend to be quieter than their gas-engine counterparts without fumes that could choke you while you mow your yard!

Electric lawn mowers provide another major benefit in terms of low maintenance costs. There’s no air filter or oil to maintain, fewer parts that break down and thus easier repairs, resulting in reduced overall costs of ownership and lower overall costs for their owners.

Most of the mowers we tested were ready to be used right out of the box or required very minimal assembly, with no tools required for setup. Many also came equipped with grass bag catchers that could easily be assembled or taken apart without much hassle, while fast chargers enabled quicker access back into mowing after charging up fully.

Bosch makes an outstanding cordless mower for smaller urban lawns in this model that is both user-friendly and comes equipped with two batteries, boasting up to 45 minutes of run time on one charge depending on conditions and terrain. Plus, its batteries share compatibility with other Bosch cordless power tools, allowing easy replacement when they begin running low.

Landscape industries are set for an unprecedented transformation as more and more individuals switch to cordless power equipment over gasoline-powered machines. Electrification is revolutionising landscaping practices while simultaneously cutting pollution, noise levels, and energy costs while helping individuals and businesses become more eco-friendly.