Three Healthy and Positive Things to Do During Dry January

Whether you are a dry January loyal, you get a thrill out of jumping on the bandwagon or you simply drank too much over Christmas and are dying a little inside, this month is alcohol free. Generally, January is very quiet for restaurants, clubs and pubs alike since most people are skint after Christmas and too exhausted to keep up the heavy weekend sessions. Plus a lot of people tend to feel guilty about how much they ate over the holidays and are hitting the gym and starting a depressing diet. Overall January can be quite dull and therefore seem to last a lifetime. Below are some ideas for healthy and positive things you can do over the Monday of the months to keep you busy and alcohol free.

A clean home in January

Have a January Clear Out and Give to Charity

If your weekends are fairly empty and you don’t know what to do, especially in the mornings when you are usually hungover and in bed regretting life, you should clean your home. Now I know this sounds like an awful way to spend your day off for most people who are neat freaks, however you will feel great after doing it and could help someone else in the process. In light of likely receiving nice gifts at Christmas think “out with the old and in with the new”. Have a massive clear out of kitchen appliances, clothes, shoes, jewellery, ornaments, artwork, DVDs, CDs, books and pretty much anything you don’t like or use anymore. In the process of pulling these unwanted items out from the shadows you can re-organise as you put your home back together and get a really good clean at the same time. Donate everything you don’t want any more to charity you will feel a huge sense of relief but also that you’ve done a good deed.

Selfless good deed in January

Help a Friend, Neighbour or Relative

Modern day life can be stressful, trying to get the balance between, work, family, friends and having a bit of time to yourself can be really challenging. In the winter months it can be even more difficult to find the energy to keep up with social expectations due to cold weather and lack of daylight. If you are looking for something to fill your spare time or for a bit of distraction from the January Blues you should invest some of your time in someone in need. Some selfless good deeds will not only give you something to do but it could actually make a huge difference to someone’s life. If you can’t think of anyone in particular ask around your local area. Examples could be help someone to move house. If you know a friend or relative that is moving and you have a car you could offer to take some belongings to their new place. Or you could offer to go furniture shopping with them or help them paint. If you know someone who is not well or perhaps has an injury you could offer to do their shopping one day or cook them a meal. Alternatively anyone you know who has kids or a dog you could offer to look after them one evening to allow the parents or owner to have a night to themselves.

Give Blood

This last idea is something that everyone who is well enough to do should really be doing once a year. Giving blood is extremely important as it could save someone’s life. Blood stocks in Scotland are at critical level at the moment so this January is a great time to give back to the community. You never know,